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The CryptoLux team is ready to configure everything for you, in order to obtain a precise daily profit, based on your initial investment. The profit rate is around 50% and the investment package ends when 150% has been reached. To opt-in for our crypto-trading service, you just need to complete the following steps: 1. Make a Deposit on CryptoLux, directly from your account. 2. Put your amount which you want to invest in text field inside the "Enter amount:" box and have a preview of your daily profits (as shown above the text box) 3. When you are happy about the amount you want to apply with, simply click on “Invest

CryptoLux brings a whole set of exciting investment opportunities like a daily percentage profit (%) of your investment. As an investor you will also earn interest on staking your coins, by Cold Storage and trading CLX as well as rounding up your funds through our exciting games. You will also have the opportunity of becoming a CryptoLux referral and earning nice bonuses from your referrals.

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Адрес: Статус: Платит
Дата старта: 0000-00-00 Добавлен на Мониторинг:
Работает: 737653 дней Мониторим: 18093 дней
Доходность: до 1,49% ежедневно до 150% ROI в течение 120 дней Наш вклад:
Реф. программа: 8% Страховка:
Мин. вклад: $ 10 Бонус от вклада:
Мин. вывод: Защита:
Тип выплат: ручные Платежки:

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