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At Binance, we don't work - we live it! No one ever asks you to work overtime or checks if you show up late in the morning. Those concepts don't apply at Binance. We do whatever it takes to get whatever needs getting done done. It ends up being a lot of overtime. We are always working. There is no off switch. If you have your sleeves rolled up and ready to sweat it for the long-haul, and be part of a team that will help to define finance for the world tomorrow, then read on. If not, you can save your lazy bum some reading.

You should do what you do best. Binance believe in leveraging people to their strength. We can't guarantee we always have an opening for your particular skill set, but if you are good, we usually try hard to make you a seat in our rocket ship. We currently have these seats open:

            Product Manager
If craftsmanship is your thing, join our product team who treats our product like their youngest baby. Be prepared for some heated parent-like debates over product design, or which shade of purple is right for the depth-chart; Also be prepared to share the glory of a beautiful product that the crypto industry loves. We now have ultiple babies to attend to, including Web, PC, and mobile.
  • Project Manager


    If you can keep track of 198 moving tasks in your head? Not only that, you know which task has to be done before another, what are the tradeoffs of doing one before another, who is more fit to do each task, while making sure everyone is working something important. And when asked, you can respond within 0.1 seconds, "yup, that will be done by 9:59 PM today". If this is you, how would you like to be in the driver's seat of the world's best crypto exchange and have a definitive say in which approved coin goes live when?


    This is where all the fun is. You get to spend all the money, doing crazy giveaways worth millions of dollars, make t-shirts and other gifts, host votes and competitions, run offline events, and get to talk on TV (well, on YouTube at least). One minor fine print, you need to be able to bring in users. If this is you, come and help us spend some more money.

    Legal & Compliance

    If you can help us be compliant and get licenses in every country, that would be great! Well, if you are this person, you are probably very serious, and don't like my style of writing. Trust me, we are very serious. We do everything proper here at Binance.

    Content Reviewer

    We are looking for someone that has looked through a large number of blockchain project whitepapers and is also able to fully understand these projects. You will also need to have strong ability to analyze and form an opinion on various forms of content, while also having a passion to want to share valuable information with others. If you are proficient in languages other than English, that will also be an added bonus.


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