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О Проекте

Decentralized technologies, based on the blockchain principle, and associated crypto-currencies, which can replace traditional money, are spreading all over the world. Users get only benefits — the reduction of financial costs, obtaining computing power, speed and anonymity of operations and data transfer.

The main obstacle preventing the widespread introduction of the blockchain into everyday life is the lack of understanding or the wills of states and large banking structures to adopt this technology. This will mean a significant loss of control over the market and the entire market as a whole.

Ordinary users sometimes do not fully understand or are even afraid of letting crypto-technology into their lives because of the distorted image of them imposed by states and the media.

Информация о Проекте

Адрес: Статус: Платит
Дата старта: 2018-03-25 Добавлен на Мониторинг:
Работает: 421 дней Мониторим: 18036 дней
Доходность: 40-95% Наш вклад:
Реф. программа: 5-4-3-2-1-0.5% Страховка:
Мин. вклад: 100$ Бонус от вклада:
Мин. вывод: 200000$ Защита:
Тип выплат: вручную Платежки:

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