Family Savings Bank

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О Проекте

Our goal is to have in-depth knowledge of companies, their economics, industry dynamics, ownership structure and management, as well as an understanding of the competitive environment in which firms conduct their business. We invest throughout the region across the capital structure in both Equity and Credit securities.

We are a boutique financial asset manager with a world focus. Our investment philosophy is built on a long-term approach to fundamental analysis, implemented by one of the regions largest and most dedicated investment teams. Our goal is to become the best informed outside investor in each company we invest.

Asset management is our only line of business. We are constantly seeking out opportunities wherever they may be found. We believe that innovation, prudence and a constant eye on the future can help us identify profitable investment options over the long term.



Информация о Проекте

Адрес: Статус: Новый
Дата старта: 2018-05-29 Добавлен на Мониторинг:
Работает: 120 дней Мониторим: 17800 дней
Доходность: 0.8-8% в день на 5 месяцев Наш вклад:
Реф. программа: 10% Страховка:
Мин. вклад: 1$ Бонус от вклада:
Мин. вывод: Защита:
Тип выплат: вручную Платежки:

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